Muscles of the lower extremity


Muscles of the Lower Limb:
 Muscle name, Origin, Insertion, Action and Innervation 

Gluteus maximus muscle

Gluteus medius muscle

Gluteus minimus muscle

Tensor fasciae latae muscle

Piriformis muscle

Superior gemellus muscle

Obturator internus muscle

Psoas major muscle

Iliacus muscle

Sartorius muscle

Gracilis muscle

Pectineus muscle

Adductor longus muscle

Adductor brevis muscle

Adductor magnus muscle

Quadriceps muscle

Biceps femoris muscle

Semitendinosus muscle

Semimembranosus muscle

Tibialis anterior muscle

Extensor digitorum muscle

Peroneus tertius muscle

Extensor hallucis longus muscle

Peroneus longus muscle

Peroneus brevis muscle

Gastrocnemius muscle

Plantaris muscle

Soleus muscle

Popliteus muscle

Flexor hallucis longus muscle

Tibialis posterior muscle

Extensor digitorum brevis muscle

Abductor hallucis muscle

Flexor digitorum brevis muscle

Abductor digiti minimi muscle

Flexor accessorius (quadratus plantae) muscle

Lumbricals muscles

Flexor hallucis brevis muscle

Adductor hallucis muscle

Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle

Dorsal interossei

Plantar interossei


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